Az. Agr. Ghiomo
Ruit Hora

I would like to briefly introduce the “Ruit Hora”.

This wine was originally a bet between my father and myself, actually myself and the beautiful and generous hill of Guarene.  I choose the rows of the vines (95% Barbera and 5% Nebbiolo) that are richer in history and part of the ancient piedmontese wine making culture and also had the best exposure to the sun; I then drastically thinned out each vine leaving about 2 bunches on each vine. As this wine was meant to be different from any previous wine, we chose to make it with the best barriques only.

“Ruit-Hora” is only produced in excellent vintages and this is why all bottles are numbered: 689 Magnum bottles (1.5 lt. capacity) have been produced in the year 1999 (very first year of production), 680 bottles (0.75 lt. capacity) in 2000 and 1389 bottles in 2001.
The feelings, when tasting this wine for the very first time, brought me back to my youth, as the deconsecrated church of St. Michael was a meeting point for exchanging views und future hopes. The label symbolises the sundial that can be seen at the front of the sacred church of St. Michael.  The wine carries the same name that is inscribed on this sundial: “Ruit-Hora”.
As a matter of fact a part of the sales of Ruit-Hora will be donated to the restoration of the sundial. There will be a book of thanksgiving placed in the church of St. Michael showing the wine number and name of each person who purchased it.

The Town Council is taking into consideration the possibility to move the “Pinacoteca del Roero” (the local art gallery) into the Church of St. Michael.  A very talented architect, Giampiero Lusso,  has based his thesis on a restoration project that has suggested the building of a beautiful theatre inside the church.  My dream is to see this project happen.  
The “Ruit Hora”, with deliberately complex  structure, combines the great generosity of the Barbera wine with the elegance of the Nebbiolo.
I recommend to uncork it a few hours before serving in order to fully appreciate its qualities.  
This wine is to show my immense gratitude to my father for transmitting to me the love for the soil and for making me improving myself day by day.
To all the people who will drink this wine I wish serenity and friendship, also remembering the person who created it.