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Arneis Langhe Fussòt
Arneis Langhe Fussòt  
Zone of origin   From 2 different vineyards: “Fusòt” and “Gheja”, which face south and grow on a marly soil.
Technical characteristics   Both vineyards are cultivated according to the classical Guyot method, with short trimming. By thinning out the fruit by 15-20% should produce about 2 kg of fruit from each vine.
Winemaking   The grapes are harvested when the ideal balance between acidity and sugar is reached. The pressing follows, dividing skin from must. 
Ageing   The wine rests in steel tanks until bottling, which happens in the first months of spring.
Organoleptic notes   Intense straw colour with pale green reflexes.  A delicate, complex and seducing bouquet with floral hints (broom and camomile), a fresh, fruity flavour of peach or pineapple.
The taste is pleasantly dry with a lightly sweet hint, which gives a fresh and long lasting aftertaste.
Gastronomic pairings   Excellent with river fish and shellfish. It’s at its best served with marinade meats and fish.
Serving & Keeping   Allow to breathe at least 30 minutes before serving. It is possible to age this wine for up to 2 years. To be served fresh.




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Arneis Langhe


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