Az. Agr. Ghiomo
Zone of origin   From the vineyard “Vigna Sidrè” in Guarene.
Technical characteristics   The vineyard is cultivated according to the classical Guyot method, with medium-short trimming. The vine is the “Brachetto del Roero”, that is different in the form of the bunch ( longer bunch) from the “Brachetto Acquese”. 
By thinning out the fruit by approx 10% should produce about 2.8 kg of fruit from each vine.
Winemaking   The grapes Brachetto are harvested when completely mature and put into small-perforated cages, which hold up to 20 kg. When needed, we select the fruit by inspecting each bunch individually in order to collect the very best.
Within a few hours after the grapes have been harvested, they are transported to the winery and the pressing follows dividing the stalk and the skin from the must. The fermentation is conducted under a controlled temperature of approx 2° C. According to this process not all the sugar contained in the must is transformed to alcohol. The result of it is a sweet wine with a percentage of alcohol no higher than 5.5% Vol.; the same process is used for all great partially fermented musts. The new wine is put into stainless steel vats under a controlled temperature.
Ageing   The Birbet rests from 3 to 4 months in stainless steel tanks. Afterwards follows a 1-month-bottle-ageing.
Organoleptic notes   Light red colour. Intense and flavoured. Floral bouquet with strong hints of geranium and peach blossoms.  The taste is pleasantly sweet with a marked hint of ripe red fruits (red currant, raspberry and wild strawberry).
Gastronomic pairings   Ideal with all desserts, especially fruit cakes. Excellent with peaches and strawberries.
Serving & Keeping   The bottle has to be stored in a horizontal position. The ideal serving temperature is 12° C. In order to better appreciate the freshness of this wine it is recommended not to store it for long periods.



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