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Arneis Langhe Inprimis
Arneis Langhe Inprimis  
Zone of origin   From the meticulous selection of grapes from the vineyard “Fusòt”, which faces south-east and grows on a marly soil.
Technical characteristics   The vineyard is cultivated according to the classical Guyot method, with short trimming. By thinning out the fruit by 30-40% should produce about 1.8 kg of fruit from each vine.
Winemaking   The grapes are harvested when the ideal balance between acidity and sugar is reached and are afterwards kept under a cold temperature for approx 20 days in order to increase the aromatic precursors which develop later on when pressing and steeping the skin.
The fermentation is conducted under a controlled temperature.   
Ageing   The wine rests in steel tanks until bottling.
A prolonged “battonage” of the fine dregs takes place before botlling.
Organoleptic notes   Intense straw colour with pale green reflexes. A rich, fresh, complex, fruity and seducing bouquet with delicate floral hints (yellow flowers), a tomato leaf note and fruity flavour of peach and melon. The taste is pleasantly dry with a tasty long lasting aftertaste.
Gastronomic pairings   Excellent aperitif, also ideal with river and sea fish, shellfish, fresh hors d´ouvre and  marinade vegetable and meats.
Serving & Keeping   To be served fresh. Allow to breathe at least 30 minutes before serving. Thanks to the particular wine-making process it is a pleasant young wine also suitable for a bottle ageing in a dark and cool place.



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Arneis Langhe


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